ArtHouse Jersey and COVID-19

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ArtHouse Jersey and COVID-19


Message from Tom Dingle, Director, ArtHouse Jersey.

As the world faces this unprecedented challenge, our community’s prime responsibility is to look out for each other and take appropriate steps to keep our most vulnerable islanders safe. In line with official advice, ArtHouse Jersey will be closing its physical doors to the public until such a time that it is deemed safe and desirable for people to reconvene in public spaces. 

However, this does not mean that we are ceasing activity. We are working hard to adapt our programme so that we can continue to serve our community in the weeks and months ahead. We’ll be using alternative platforms to deliver performances, discussion and participatory activities. We’ll be aiming to keep people inspired and entertained, helping society process the changes happening all around us. Look out for further announcements on our plans in the coming days. 

There will, of course, be significant disruption, which will involve postponements, cancellations and a healthy dose of creative re-thinking, but we will continue to deliver an exciting programme of arts activity and our headquarters at the Greve de Lecq Barracks will still be used as a base for artists to make high-quality work. We are also liaising with Government to explore whether our site might also serve other useful purposes during this public health emergency. 

While Covid-19 presents a huge challenge to the artists that we support, to us as an organisation, and to the Island as a whole, we are confident that with every challenge comes opportunity, and that our community will find a way to thrive no matter what the future holds.

Take care and keep safe.

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