ArtHouse Jersey Invites Designers to Create Wearable Art

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ArtHouse Jersey Invites Designers to Create Wearable Art

ArtHouse Jersey is calling for local designers and artists to use their flair for fashion to create pieces of wearable art.

The work will be showcased in ‘Walking Gallery,’ a fashion show celebrating creativity and addressing some of the world’s most pressing and critical issues including sustainability, accessibility and identity.

The brief, set by ArtHouse Jersey, will push designers to engage their powers of creative questioning, leading them to create innovative, striking pieces of ‘wearable art’ that will get people thinking and talking about challenging issues that affect modern society. 


‘Walking Gallery’ will take place as part of ‘Skipton Big Ideas’, an immersive, experiential exhibition taking place next year. The exhibition will comprise a number of experiential art installations which the public can move through and interact with. 

The project is being sponsored by Skipton International, a long-time supporter of ArtHouse Jersey’s projects in the community including Skipton Open Studios, The Paper Dialogues Exhibition at the St Helier Town Hall and the recent Skipton School Mural Project. 

Tom Dingle, Director of ArtHouse Jersey said: “Everyday we project who we are as people through what we wear with varying degrees of creativity. ArtHouse Jersey would like designers to build on this daily act of self-expression in a creative and playful way, whilst investigating some of the key considerations which face our society.” 

The full brief can be found here. Please send applications to by December 16th.


Kaleidoscope – Tess Tavener
On Reflection – Phillipa Stichbury
Walking Gallery – Maiko Takeda

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