ArtHouse Jersey Pop Up Exhibition this weekend with Leithe Gie

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ArtHouse Jersey is delighted to announce the latest in their Pop Up exhibition series, this coming weekend with artist Leithe Gie. Taking place over Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 August between 10am and 5pm at Greve de Lecq Barracks Leithe will be hosting the exhibition space all weekend and will be on hand to speak to visitors and talk them through her work and practices.

Leithe Gie was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Jersey in 2019. Drawn to nature and the play of light and shadows she tries to portray as much depth and contrast to create beautiful drawings with charcoal.

The artwork in this exhibition was inspired by the play of light in nature: the way a sunbeam flashes through leaves or shines like a spotlight through water and clouds, a bird’s feathers becomes almost translucent, or the blinding brightness of a summer’s day.

Artist Leithe Gie said Light in nature can be the simplest thing and surrounds us every day. If you think of those moments when the leaves of a tree move in the wind and sunlight flashes through, or the setting sun catches the tops of the waves and shining gold. Rays bursting through heavy clouds and shadows falling onto a face. These are all little moments of brightness that particularly in these trying times I love to notice. Using charcoal means that I am limited to just black, white and grey tones so focusing on those flashes allows me to show real depth and interesting shapes and patterns without missing colour. I am able to show a little of the drama of the natural world because of the sharp contrast created by light. 

This will be the broadest range of subjects I have shown because my theme allows for it. People will see my love for the ocean, nature and light and hopefully it will make them notice these moments for themselves. 

I think it is quite exciting to be able to include so many different things in one show and hopefully there will be something for everyone! It is a beautiful space to be able to exhibit in and I am so very grateful to Arthouse Jersey for offering it to me. “

The ArtHouse Jersey Pop Up with Leithe Gie will run on Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 August between 10am and 5pm both days. All pieces on display are for sale. 

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