ArtHouse Jersey Presents: One point 9

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Poland has a growing reputation for some of Europe’s best nightlife and a thriving contemporary art scene, yet despite Jersey having a large Polish community we don’t often get to experience this side of the country. 

ArtHouse Jersey are setting out to change that by bringing a collective of leading Polish creatives to the Island. Their time here will culminate in a club night at Rojo on 28 February called ‘One point 9’ (a reference to the distance in kilometres between Poland to Jersey) where Islanders will experience music, visuals and performances from some of the leading lights of the vibrant Polish underground scene.

Dominika Szpinda, a local filmmaker and art curator, is leading the project which will bring prodigiously talented Polish artists – filmmakers, DJs, VJs, music producers and sound artists – to our shores. We sat down with Dominika to discuss her upcoming residency with ArtHouse Jersey.

So Dominika, who are the artists you’re bringing over?

Justyna Banaszczy is an incredible music producer who’s becoming a real force in the Polish scene. She is passionate about female empowerment and is a co-founder of the Oramics Collective which curates club nights and other events that support women, non-binary and queer people in the music industry. She’s been praised for her use of vinyl and four-track recorders to create unique sound collages and mixtapes under the moniker Głupiec (meaning “fool”). She’s really getting a name for herself so, who knows where her career will take her. 

Then you have Tomek Popakul, whose short film ‘Acid Rain’ premiered last year at Sundance and has been nominated for a prestigious Annie Award, which is pretty exciting! Tomek will be screening his film at Rojo. 

Dariusz Pietraszewskiis is a hugely talented VJ who is making some incredible work. He performs under the pseudonym ‘Copy Corpo’, and creates visualizations based on feedback from VHS cassettes that feature analogue glitches and psychedelic colour structures. 

Finally, Olga Perkowska will be filming the entire creative process we undertake throughout our time in Jersey. We plan to turn this into a short film or documentary and premiere it at an international festival in Warsaw dedicated to experimental contemporary music and sound art. As part of this, we’ll be gathering sounds from around the Island and capturing stories from the local community.” 

What other interesting projects do they have in the pipeline?

Justyna and Dariusz have recently started a community radio station in Warsaw, Radio Kapital. They want it to be a platform for the exchange of ideas and sounds where they’ll be focused on featuring emerging music producers and artists. To raise funds for the project, they organised a massive party with loads of leading Polish DJs which sold out almost instantly!

Finally, what do you hope to achieve during your residency with ArtHouse Jersey?

I hope to showcase the talent that Poland has to offer. We’re aiming to create an audio-visual project based on field recordings and really hope that the local community will get involved with that. We’re hoping that the work we create during our time here will be premiered at an international film festival later this year. And we can’t wait to co-host  ‘ArtHouse Jersey Presents: One Point 9’ event at Rojo on 28 February. We’re co-hosting with Tremor, an innovative local Techno promotor – I promise it’s not one to miss!

Click here to find out more about the event.

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