ArtHouse Jersey releases virtual tour of the Skipton Forget Me Knots art installation

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ArtHouse Jersey​ is delighted to announce the design of a ​virtual reality audio tour around their Skipton Forget Me Knots exhibition​.

​Skipton​ ​Forget Me Knots​ was a large-scale, immersive art installation, which took place in November 2020 at the Jersey Maritime Museum and welcomed over 2,200 physical visitors during its run. Aware that due to the​ pandemic some people were unable to visit, ArtHouse Jersey wanted everyone to be able to experience the installation, so have created this virtual reality tour with the accompanying soundtrack so folk can enjoy it from the comfort and safety of their sofa.

The exhibition was a result of a large scale community project that employed creativity to help 3,400​ ​young people process and navigate their emotional journey through COVID19.​ It saw ​artists, designers​ ​and lighting & sound technicians working together to bring an awe-inspiring immersive​ ​experience to life, with ​thousands of flowers ​artistically displayed in the impressive ‘​Tapestry Room’. The thousands of Jersey schoolchildren who contributed to the artwork​, each took​ ​part in specially facilitated workshops, creating paper flowers while being guided by​ ​expert facilitators to explore their experiences and emotions that may have arisen since​ ​the outbreak of the pandemic.

The final artwork portrayed​ ​sentiments of an often unheard demographic of our Island’s community – our children -​ ​in an artistic and moving way. The exhibition was set to a mesmerising soundscape, a one-off​ ​commission by ​composer and music producer Thomas Gandey​. The​ ​27-minute cyclic ambient immersive musical piece is based around Gandey’s live piano​ ​recording, which builds and magically ascends throughout the cycle.

ArtHouse Jersey Director Tom Dingle ​said ​“This has been a difficult year for many people in terms of freedom, particularly when it comes to getting out and about. It was a pleasure to work alongside our developers Snap to create this virtual reality tour of our very special exhibition. We received many messages from people either trapped at home or away from the Island who said they would have liked to have come along and see this work. Well now they can – virtually! We hope this digital solution gives many more people the chance to experience the atmospheric beauty of this poignant art installation from the comfort and safely of their own homes.”

Whether you’re revisiting the immersive experience or witnessing it for the very first time – enjoy! Just head over to to the ‘Projects’ page.

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