Blak Butter


Episode 1. Number plate fetishes, voyeuristic seagulls and an alien takeover of St Brelade’s Bay are just some of the ingredients that make up Episode 1 of Blak Butter, a new fortnightly satirical sketch show with a distinct Jersey twist. Written and produced by Paul Bisson, the show also features the voices of Alice Bravery, Rich Clive and Alex Alderton.

Episode 2. Featuring extreme fundraising, an unusual political role-call and a young man with a Major problem. Written and produced by Paul Bisson (‘Job For the Boy’ written by Rich Clive), and featuring the voices of Alice Bravery, Alex Alderton, Paul Bisson and Rich Clive. 


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  1. Love the number plate sketch, so pretentious. Typical, middleclass Jersey to a tee (shirt).
    And the voyeuristic seagulls, a new twist on the concept of a pecker.

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