‘Hindsight’s 20/20’ by Martha MacDonald


Martha MacDonald is on a mission to make nonsense of the world around her, one poem at a time. Working as a freelance writer and playwright, her writings take a wry look at current affairs, popular culture and just the day-to-day struggle of being a full-time plant mum and permanently anxious millennial.

Of the poem Martha MacDonald said “With ‘Hindsight’s 20/20’ I was thinking about that weird feeling of living through an historic moment. After last year, I finally understood why my grandma would tell me so many stories about her childhood of ration cards and living with evacuees; I could now relate to the indelible mark that these major world events have on us.

When ArtHouse Jersey commissioned me to write a topical poem that addressed the state of the world right now, I thought it would be fun to look at 2020 from the eyes of people in the future, looking back on decisions we made (or more importantly, those we didn’t).”


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