How Isa Stays Happy – Luke Romo Hodges


As I have barely entered adulthood, I’m starting to realize how easy it is to get caught up with the pace of life. “Responsibilities are definitely real!!” is something I say to myself to remember to buy vegetables and to pay the electricity bill. When lockdown abruptly affected us all, I was fortunate to be living with an extraordinary family, which confronted me to live every hour of the day with 4 extremely characterful girls between the ages of 6 and 14… which yes, was trying. But over those few months I paused my “adult life” or at least my adult worries and went back to being the 10-year-old Luke who had time and really enjoyed playing Rummikub and crack the egg on the trampoline.

These times have been hard for everyone on all levels, but if there’s one simple secret to happiness, I think it does come down to what Isa says…”

Luke Romo Hodges is a Jersey filmmaker living between Paris and Dubai. Having made a number of award winning shorts and commercial films, he is now in the process of writing his first feature.


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