Joss MacDonald – Artist In Lockdown


ArtHouse Jersey Presents has partnered with UK physical theatre company Project Lockout, who specialise in movement, freewriting and cinematic mime, to premiere this new work which was written and performed by Joss MacDonald and devised alongside Michael Lynch who acts as Artistic Director for Project Lockout.

‘Artist in Lockdown’ is an abstract piece about how a creative person feels when confined to a world with little creativity. Ideas run rampant and, sometimes, take over completely.


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  1. A captivating piece. Bringing forward the anxieties & showcasing the vulnerability of a creative. They are not only trapped inside because of a pandemic, but trapped inside their minds. A thousand ideas swarms their mind… but can it come out? Can it be written down? Is it any good? Fantastic! Props to the performer and the camera man! Stunning.

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