Marigold Dark

WARNING: Features adult themes, content and language.

Begun during lockdown and recorded in a makeshift garage studio the four-part Marigold Dark has been brought to life as an audio play featuring the voices of Rich Clive, Andrew Davey, Alice Bravery, Colin Scott, Alex Alderton and Joss J MacDonald, with music from Badlabecques.

Script: Simon MacDonald
Based on the novel Marigold Dark (2015) by Paul Bisson
Produced by Paul Bisson.

A corrupt property developer thrown to his death from a cliff. French Nazi goons staging mock-executions on behalf of a crazed Arab millionaire. A blackmailed politician facing public humiliation via Youtube. All is not well on the island of Jersey.

It’s down to one man to put things right. Unfortunately that man is Marigold Dark, part-time private investigator, occasional buffoon and full-time drunk. Now Marigold must call upon a rogues’ gallery of contacts to piece together the details of his latest case and confound his enemies, all the while battling the greatest threat of all…himself.

Marigold begins to piece together his case. Having been shown CCTV footage of a lobster-based fracas between himself and murdered property developer Bill O’Malley he stumbles back to his flat via the nearest off-licence and, erm, Mothercare. Roused from a lager coma by politician Gary Chadwick – who’s having a dog of a time – Dark sets off to meet his client in a pub, because why not…

O’Malley’s voice message leads Dark and Chadwick to Corbet’s Folly and an encounter with some familiar Frenchmen. Things soon heat up. Fleeing the tower, the two are collared by a corrupt police officer and summoned to a disastrous rendezvous with the mysterious millionaire Mr Sharp upon his yacht in St Aubin’s Bay…

Having been plucked from the waters of St Aubin’s Bay by an old friend, Dark follows the trail of clues to the Lamplighter, where old friend Babs Le Gros unravels the mystery of Corbet’s Tower. Refusing to surrender to the nefarious Sharp, Dark hatches a plan, or something, or will do, once he’s finished this pint…and the next one…as he gears up to face a climactic clifftop showdown with a mad millionaire and the man threatening harm to his daughter.


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