Megan Langlois – The Dreamer


Megan Langlois is a singer-songwriter who performs on the local scene in venues across the island. Currently she sings in a female duo called Pretty Vegas, and is also lead singer and guitarist for rock band Dead Red. ‘The Dreamer’ is an original tune, written a few years back and never performed. Megan describes it as ‘much more folkier’ than the tunes she usually writes, and says that she has ‘enjoyed pulling it from the archive’.


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  1. Megan, l absolutely loved this, please record it and make it shareable xx For as much as l love to hear you and the beautiful Natalie playing/singing together together l would love to hear more of each of you singing separately xx You are both awesome xx

  2. a great talent as always. I think you should do more of this type of material. there is such passion in play. I love it

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