The Heather View Writers

The Heather View writing group was formed over two decades ago by renowned Jersey poet and Hautlieu Head of English Alan Jones, and served as a literary hub for many of the island’s writers. Following Alan’s death in 2013 the group disbanded, though it has since been reformed by his wife Sheila. This short film features readings of original poetry from the group’s members, a recital of Alan Jones’ poem ‘The End of Summer Time’, plus various reflections from Sheila Jones, all filmed within the natural splendour of the Jones’ garden at Heather View.

Writers: Sheila Jones, Christine Buckland, Juliette Hart, Judy Mantle and Alex Rice.


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these readings. I was a student of Alan’s at Hautlieu and remember visiting the garden for an end of 6th form get together. I especially liked Alex’s poem about his father. It brought back happy memories of John and really captured his free spirit.

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