ARTIST OPPORTUNITY- Create inspiring work that transcends COVID restrictions

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ArtHouse Jersey is looking for innovative thinkers who can rise to the challenge…

ArtHouse Jersey is looking to commission an artist or collective of artists of any discipline to create an inspiring piece of work which will reach a broad audience, within pandemic restrictions, working with a budget of up to five thousands pounds. The work can be of any discipline and artists are invited to work to their own brief to create something that will be of value and interest to both Jersey audiences and those further afield.

COVID-19 has presented many challenges within the world of arts and culture, forcing artists and organisations to think creatively in nearly every way they deliver their work. ArtHouse Jersey is committed to creating opportunities for local talent to create work of a high calibre while helping to inspire audiences and artists alike as we continue to adjust to the ongoing difficulties. 

The chosen commission could be presented via our ArtHouse Jersey Presents digital platform or within a controlled physical environment in one of the studios at our Greve de Lecq Barracks site with a maximum of 40 people attending at any one time.

The only stipulation artists need to consider when pitching for this commission is the work must be 100% deliverable within COVID-19 restrictions. Given these restrictions could change over the course of the production period agility may be called for on the part of the artists/s to ensure timely and successful delivery.

The budget available for this commission is from £500 to £5,000, depending on the proposal, and should be inclusive of all creation, production and delivery costs. The artwork will be delivered between November 2020 and March 2021.

Director of ArtHouse Jersey Tom Dingle says “Given the forecast of the pandemic’s impact on both the arts and society at large we feel this is no longer about sitting and waiting it out, but a time to wholly encourage artists to fully embrace the opportunities available to think differently and create work that will be both memorable and impactful. This is not an insignificant sum of money to create a single piece of work and with so much to respond to in the world today we’re very excited to hear what artists in Jersey are keen to create at this time.”

Artists interested in pitching for this commission should send a well developed proposal of what they intend to make/produce to Emma Oxenham at by 16 October. 

This should include: 

  • A full description of what it will be, who will be involved and how it will be presented;
  • How they will engage an audience and best utilize their chosen platform working within current Covid guidelines;
  • A budget for the project;
  • A plan as to how they will work within Covid restrictions and guidelines;
  • Any supporting documents, files or links;
  • A CV or portfolio showing at least two examples of their work.


If artists would like to chat through an element of their proposal before submitting they should contact our producer Natasha Dettman at to arrange a time to do so.

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