Blak Butter – A brand new audio comedy sketch show launches on ArtHouse Jersey Presents

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ArtHouse Jersey​ is delighted to announce a brand new satirical podcast from local writer, musician and producer Paul Bisson. ​

Blak Butter​ features a series of comedy sketches with a distinctly local twist and will be available to listen to via digital platform ArtHouse Jersey Presents​ from Thursday 4 February.

Paul Bisson​ explains that the idea for ​Blak Butter​ came following on from last summer’s involvement with Simon MacDonald’s audio play treatment of his novel Marigold Dark, ​with several of the actors, including Rich Clive, Alex Alderton and Alice Bravery, returning to lend their vocal talents to the project. Like the audio play, the new series has been commissioned by ​ArtHouse Jersey ​and will be presented on their new Soundcloud account as part of the offerings from their online Presents platform.

‘I’ve always been a fan of satire,’​ Mr Bisson explains.​ ‘As well as providing comic relief it’s a great way of giving established views, ideas and assumptions a poke through a simple shift of perspective. ‘The title of the show is a nod to Chris Morris’ late nineties’ Blue Jam, a darkly satirical radio show of which I was a huge fan at the time. In similar style I’ve used music to link the sketches together to lead the listener on a surreal journey touching on number-plate fetishes, voyeuristic seagulls and an attempted alien takeover of St Brelade’s Bay.​’

Mr Bisson is hoping to attract other comedy writers to the show,​ which he hopes to be able to release fortnightly. ‘We could all do with a laugh at the moment,’ ​he explains.​ ‘And hopefully Blak Butter will provide a few to those willing to strap on a pair of headphones and have a listen. I’m open to approaches from Jersey-based sketch writers with pieces to share, and will be looking to draw on local satirical talent in future shows.’

Click here to listen to Blak Butter on the ArtHouse Jersey Presents platform. 

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