The Dinosaurs are Coming! An Exhibition by Lulu MacDonald

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Fine artist and sculptor Lulu MacDonald is returning to her childhood home of Jersey to present her installation exhibition ‘The Dinosaurs Are Coming’, commissioned by ArtHouse Jersey, along with an accompanying outreach programme of community workshops. Exploring what it means to be living on the brink of multiple extinctions, the show examines the toxic love affair of both cherishing and grieving the ground. Caught between two stools, the show juxtaposes our paradoxical urges to give back by rewilding the earth with our capitalist ‘take take take’ mindset as we grapple with various global crises.

In a world bearing the brunt of the climate emergency, a pandemic and escalating natural disasters, the artist asks: “How, in this painful moment of loss and transition, can this be an opportunity for change?” In her academic reflection ‘Somewhere Between A Rock And A Hard Place’ and throughout the installation, the artist suggests that we should resign ourselves to becoming compost – not a complete death – but surrendering our struggle as a gesture back to the Earth that we’ve hurt. For the artist, this is activism in its most raw form; decaying organic material which goes on to foster, nurture and fertilise future crops. 

The exhibition narrates love stories, both harmful and healthy, to illuminate the reality of our current predicament. Orbiting the installation will be a number of outreach workshops which will explore how, by changing our physicality and the way we take up space in the world, we can empathetically transform.

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