Feature-length film to be made in Jersey

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This month we’re welcoming international art collective Forest Fringe to the Island. The group will set out to make a feature length film in just four weeks!

Forest Fringe are best known for having hosted one of the most inventive and well-programmed spaces at the Edinburgh Festival for ten years. They believe that art should be for everyone, not just to consume, but also to make. A key goal of this project is to try and make a feature length film using the range of artists they have previously worked with, to a professional standard, but on a fraction of the normal budget. 

Forest Fringe

Photo credit: Jemima Yong

A number of Islanders have also volunteered to take part in the project, assisting in production-type roles or as extras in the film. The film will evolve over the weeks spent in Jersey, as the creative team respond to the contributions of Islanders, as well as the natural opportunities that will inevitably arise during the filming process. 

Director of ArtHouse Jersey, Tom Dingle said: “Our residency scheme plays an important role in providing opportunities for international artists to come to Jersey to feed into the work we produce and our projects in the community. We believe it is vital that Jersey embraces the role it can play in developing art that can have an impact both locally and internationally and broadening the scope of artists that we interact with is a key part of that. It’s incredibly exciting to welcome Forest Fringe as our first guests at the Barracks, and we are particularly pleased that this project will both showcase our unique locations and involve a cross section of our local community.” 

Forest Fringe co-directors Andy Field, Deborah Pearson and Ira Brand said: “After a decade operating the venue in Edinburgh, we wanted to see if we could apply the same experimental, collective spirit to a new challenge – film-making. We’re excited to have the time and space to work on this ambitious project at ArtHouse Jersey’s new headquarters, giving us the opportunity to test out ideas and venture into unknown territories. We’re looking forward to getting to know Jersey’s creative residents who have volunteered to get involved, and to make use of some of the stunning locations the Island has to offer.” 

As co-producers of the project, we will house the crew at our new home at Greve de Lecq Barracks, providing a base for operations, planning and collaboration.


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