Film Festival Success for Sound of Colour

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Recent ArtHouse Jersey commission ‘Sound of Colour‘ has been selected for two festivals next month: On Art in Poland and New Renaissance in London, where it’s also been nominated for Best Documentary Short.

On Art takes place over two months in Poland across 6 cities and Sound of Colour will screen four times between now and the end of August. The screenings take place in an assortment of interesting venues, the full list of which can be found here.

The New Renaissance screenings will take place in a few small London cinemas cinemas over the course of 5 days in August 2019. More information can be found here.

Sound of Colour Jason Butler, Todd MacDonald, Jack Chown

About Sound of Colour

One of ArtHouse Jersey’s key roles is to bring together artists who practice different disciplines. Last year we introduced Jason Butler, a celebrated painter who creates figurative and abstract paintings, and Jack Chown, a former winner of Young Musician of the Year who trained at Oxford University, the Royal Academy of Music and Abbey Road Studios, who now works in London composing and producing. 

When Jack hears sound, he sees colour. Jason listens extensively to music when creating his work. Working with film artist Todd MacDonald, Jack captured Jason’s movements as he painted and used an algorithm to make it into a piece of music, effectively providing a way for Jason to compose as he paints. 

This special collaborative composition was debuted within Jason’s wonderful and evocative exhibition ‘Where Our Shadows Were.’

Watch the Sound of Colour trailer below: 



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