As producers of high-quality art projects that have an impact in the community, partnering with ArtHouse Jersey can be a exciting opportunity.

Whether you’re a charity looking to add an arts element to your work helping people, or a potential corporate sponsor wanting to champion arts in the island and make a difference to people’s lives, we would love for you to consider partnering with us on a project. Information on upcoming opportunities to sponsor ArtHouse Jersey projects can be found here. 

What is ArtHouse Jersey?

ArtHouse Jersey works with artists from Jersey and across the world to create ambitious work that has a positive impact on our Island community and international audiences.

We support artists at every stage of their development with advice and opportunities. We provide financial assistance to Jersey-based artists, and our residency space is used by visiting international artists as a base from which they can develop new work, often in collaboration with local artists.

Our aim is to make the work that you want to see, hear and experience. From commissioning a mural made up of photographs of Islander’s to mark the Island’s official commemoration of Liberation 75 to our support of artists such as Jason Butler whose work is pushing new boundaries, our work covers all aspects of the arts with a focus on quality and appeal. We are ambitious, though understand that even the best results come from small beginnings. Our support of Michael Pearce’s script ‘Beast’ in 2011, which received a BAFTA in 2019, is testament to this.

We truly believe that art should be for all and by 2022 we aim to engage more than 80,000 people in high-quality cultural activity, triple the support we can offer artists, and deliver over 20,000 hours of community outreach.

We love nothing more than to share the process of making art with our supporters and wider community and pride ourselves on our hospitality and specially curated events.

Why partner with ArtHouse Jersey?

The ability of the arts to deliver transformational change drives our focus on community outreach . We concentrate our efforts on providing opportunities for the most deserving Islanders – children, the elderly, the disabled, the marginalised – to benefit from our projects. In 2017-2018, 45 artists delivered over 140 targeted sessions which were attended by 1,834 children and young people. 65 artists delivered 92 projects for wider outreach groups including the general public as well as in care homes and health care settings, which were attended by over 3000 people.

We are committed to contributing to Jersey’s public art scene , and in 2017-2018 commissioned 15 new works of street art in public spaces in St Helier by local artists as part of the Mural Projects parts I and II, which are viewed by thousands of Islanders and tourists on a daily basis. Recently, our ‘Paper Talks’ exhibition attracted over 5000 visitors and was engaged with by 22 local schools.

In 2018, we produced our most successful Skipton Open Studios to date with c.18k people attending. The event saw a leap forward in its programming to include a wider schedule of events and projects. It generated significant coverage for the sponsor and served to significantly enhance brand awareness with targeted stakeholders.

In 2019 work commissioned and supported by AHJ has been showcased in Denmark, London, Jersey, the US and around the globe in theatres, cinemas, galleries, streets, classrooms and online. An AHJ seed-funded project has won a BAFTA and a previously supported artist has been awarded for two ‘Blues Music Awards’ in the US. By the end of the year we will have engaged with over 20 Island schools, reaching thousands of students and provided specially curated workshops, performances and experiences within care settings and for children living with disability. In building our future pipeline of work we will have brought over 40 international artists to our shores through our residency programme and supported the work of over 50 local artists.

Our Partners

Skipton International is the offshore banking subsidiary of Skipton Building Society, the fourth largest building society in the UK. It is known across the Channel Islands for its award winning portfolio of offshore deposit accounts and comprehensive range of mortgage products. With a longstanding reputation for supporting community and charity initiatives, Skipton International has joined together with ArtHouse Jersey to extend this commitment to the arts

The One Foundation is a charitable organisation founded in June 2011 benefiting sport, culture and community projects in Jersey. The Foundation provides professional support and financial assistance to ensure individuals, teams, non-profit making organisations and community based projects are able to achieve their full potential

The Association of Jersey Charities is the representative body of the majority of charitable organisations operating in Jersey. Presently the Association has 310 member charities and these range from branches of national charities to small local charities, clubs, societies and support groups.

We are very grateful to be supported by The Channel Islands Lottery