Accessible and inclusive after school club

Our ‘Mavericks’ programme brings performing arts classes to children of school age with special educational needs.Through dance, movement, singing and acting, these classes deliver a meaningful impact on the lives of participants who would otherwise find the performing arts inaccessible.

Often the needs of this group are overlooked when it comes to after school clubs or activities – the extra care and support required often make facilitating a regular class difficult. Mavericks removes those barriers to entry, while also inspiring a new generation to discover the transformative power of artistic expression.

This project was launched by ArtHouse Jersey in Spring 2019 following direct enquiries from those working within the field that identified the need. It is delivered in partnership with ‘A Little Extra Love’, Mont a L’abbe School , CYPES and Enable Jersey.

We hope to grow ‘Mavericks’ to also include children who attend mainstream education, offering students with all levels of need the opportunity to work together and learn from each other. We would also like to expand the programme to introduce a similar style of class for those with special educational needs over the age of 18, for whom the period after leaving school is the hardest.

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