Memory Boxes

The Memory Box project is an ArtHouse Jersey commission designed by digital artist Thomas Buckley to reach older members of our community who may be lonely or socially isolated, by bringing a unique theatrical experience directly into people’s homes, without the need for a single person to cross the threshold, thereby being deliverable within all COVID restrictions. 

Each Memory Box is an immersive arts experience contained within a box that, when opened and activated, brings a story to life through multimedia, multi sensory technologies, such as sound, projection and materials that engage all the senses. Not only will the real life story,  experiences and memories of a fellow islander be shared and animated in this unique way, but the participants themselves will become absorbed into it through their senses. The script for the story inside the memory box was co-written and edited by local writer Martha MacDonald. The audio narration was done by local voice over artist, Elisa Canas. 

Whether it’s hearing the same sounds, smelling the same smells and tasting the same tastes, the participant will be able to connect to the narrative on a visceral level as they are taken through the experience step by step by audio/visual cues and narration. 

The whole experience will be warm, friendly and accessible for the participants. The boxes will be practical in design and aesthetic as well as clear and simple to use. 

ArtHouse Jersey will be working with volunteers across the Island who will help deliver these boxes directly to people’s front doors. All COVID19 restrictions and guidelines will be adhered to, including the cleaning down of the individual boxes each time they are collected. 

If you know someone who might benefit for the Memory Box project experience please contact

About Thomas Buckley

Thomas works as an artist and storyteller using digital media often working in projection, immersive technologies (VR, AR, XR) and interactive installations. His work is often about using digital or XR outcomes as a poultice to draw out our humanity. He believes public opinions around technology and humanity are too dichotomous: Technologies are developing rapidly to respond to our physicality and personal information. Seeing ourselves as lacking control over this, or as being intrinsically separate from technology will, he believes, lead to an immoral and anti-human digital culture.

More information about Thomas can be found here