Skipton School Mural Project

The Skipton School Mural Project
Inspiring young people to engage with art

The Skipton School Mural Project is the largest community mural project produced by ArtHouse Jersey with artists working together with school children and the wider Jersey community to develop 19 different murals at schools across the Island. The project, sponsored by Skipton International, aims to inspire young people to engage with art and create murals with lasting impact for the Jersey community.

At ArtHouse Jersey we have supported the significant increase of street art across the Island by commissioning murals on a range of properties throughout St. Helier as part of the Skipton Art Series. Now, this exciting new project has seen street art expand across all areas of the Island for the benefit of local children and the wider community.

Talented local & International Artists Get Involved

As part of the project, some of the most talented artists in our community – along with two visiting international artists – have gone into schools across the Island to run workshops designed to designed to help children develop new skills, tune into their creative brains and get them thinking about issues that are important to them as communities and individuals. Ideas and designs that students contributed went on to inspire the design of the final mural at their school.

Featured Schools and Artists

Following a strong round of applications, the following schools and artists were partnered together for the project:

St Saviour’s School – Karen Allenet
Grainville School – ATMA (Matt DuFour)
Le Rocquier School – Mark McClure
Bel Royal School – Tim Le Breuilly
Samares School – Jodie Carney
Springfield School – James Carter
St Peter’s School- Ian Rolls
Jersey College Prep School – Eliza Reine
St Martin’s School – Ben Misson
Hautlieu School- Lulu MacDonald
Victoria College Prep School – Clare Morvan
Grands Vaux School – Lauren Radley
Trinity School – Amy Dorey
Plat Douet School – Glen Fox
Grouville School – Gabriella Street

ArtHouse Jersey undertook evaluation into Skipton School Mural Project to understand the extent to which it met the above aims & its wider impact. Key points from this included:

Children were inspired to engage with creativity and art, learning more about murals and street art as an artform. As one teacher stated: ‘The children learned about different types of street artists such as Banksy and Keith Haring – they have spotted it in Jersey and understand more about the legality of whether it is allowed or not allowed.’

Responses from children who participated in the project were positive, highlighting that working with an artist to develop the mural created a sense of ownership and improved self-confidence in their creative ability. As one child stated, ‘I have developed during the project because I have learnt that having different ideas to others is ok!’

The project sparked a further interest in art for participants- 79% of parents said they had noticed that their child wanted to do more art in or outside of school since partaking in Skipton School Mural Project.

The project left a legacy and had an impact within the schools that participated – one teacher stated how ‘..the project has led to more discussions as to how, as a school, we can continue to work with artists and the work.’ Similarly, another teacher commented how ‘“Art has a higher profile [in the school] due to the interest the project generated.”

Skipton International has supported ArtHouse Jersey’s projects and events on the Island for nine consecutive years. Its ongoing sponsorship has been invaluable, enabling us to deliver a range of pioneering, community-focused art projects including the long-running Skipton Open Studios, the hugely successful Paper Dialogues paper-cutting exhibition at the St. Helier Town Hall, and The Skipton School Mural Project. Visit to find out more about its products and services.