Skipton Forget Me Knots – less than one week to go!

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ArtHouse Jersey is busily gearing up for the official launch of the mammoth ‘Skipton Forget Me Knots’ art installation on Tuesday 10 November.

The exhibition is the result of their large scale community project that employed creativity to help thousands of young people process and navigate their emotional journey through COVID19. 

Work is currently underway at The Jersey Maritime Museum that sees artists, designers and lighting & sound technicians working together to bring this awe-inspiring immersive experience to life. The installation will see thousands of flowers artistically strung together and hung against expert lighting and sound in the impressive ‘Tapestry Room’.

Skipton Forget Me Knots will be set to a mesmerising soundscape, a one-off commission by composer and music producer Thomas Gandey, who has worked on numerous world-class audio projects including Audible’s best-selling audiobook, ‘Jeff Wayne’s War of The Worlds’ and the Olivier award-winning musical ‘Here Lies Love’. The 27-minute cyclic ambient immersive musical piece is based around Gandey’s live piano recording which builds and magically ascends throughout the cycle.

Over 3,400 of Jersey’s schoolchildren have contributed to this artwork, each taking part in specially facilitated workshops, creating paper flowers while being guided by expert facilitators to explore their experiences and emotions that may have arisen since the outbreak of the pandemic earlier this year. This artwork looks to portray these sentiments of an often unheard demographic of our Island’s community  – our children – in an artistic and moving way. The flowers stand as a plea from each young person for their voices to not be forgotten during this challenging time.


The health and safety of visitors to the exhibition is our first priority and pre-booking is essential for all visitors. The exhibition opens to the public on Tuesday 10 November and runs until Friday 4 December. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 10.45am to 4.45pm and it will be open until 5.30pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays.

A maximum of 20 people can enjoy the installation at any one time, and you can pre-book their free 45-minute slot here. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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