The Memory Box Project gets underway today

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ArtHouse Jersey’s​ ‘Memory Box’ project ​hit the road today as good-spirited volunteers began delivering the art-in-a-box experiences to the front doors of older people right across the Island. Pictured above is the wonderful ‘Face of Liberation’ star, 92 year-old Barbara Jouanny who took the first box for a spin!

The ​Memory Box ​project is an ​ArtHouse Jersey c​ommission designed by digital artist Thomas Buckley​ to reach older members of our community who may be lonely or socially isolated, by bringing a unique theatrical experience directly into people’s homes, without the need for a single person to cross the threshold, thereby being deliverable within all COVID restrictions. Each  Memory Box​ is an immersive arts experience that, when opened and activated, will bring a story to life through multimedia and multi sensory technologies, using sound, projection and various materials to engage the senses. Not only will the real life story of a fellow Islander be shared and animated by the Memory box, but the participants themselves will be drawn into the story, with all their own senses activated through the experience.

The script for the story inside the memory box was co-written and edited by local writer Martha MacDonald. The audio narration was done by local voice over artist, Elisa Canas. 

As a result of an Island-wide call out for volunteers to help deliver the Memory Boxes safely to multiple homes, ArtHouse Jersey ​received an overwhelming response with over one hundred people coming forward to offer their time for free to drive the boxes to the front doors of participants in every parish.

ArtHouse Jersey​ hopes this project will not only help tackle isolation and loneliness but act as a simple reminder that people are not alone.

When asked what he hoped that participants will get out of the ​Memory Box ​experience, designing ​artist Thomas Buckley​ said ​“​I hope people will feel a sense of connection and hope. The memory that’s been captured inside is one of kindness and overcoming tribulations. Although each box tells just one story, one perspective, I’ve learnt that often our experiences are universal. By hearing another person’s story, we can’t help but relate that to our lives. We’re an empathetic and communal species. I hope people will close the box after being guided through the story and realise that they too have been shown kindness and feel empowered by the experience.”

If you’d like to nominate a recipient of a Memory Box email Community Producer today.

Photography by Peter Mourant

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