The Nineteen Day Drawing Challenge: Isolation Creation

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ArtHouse Jersey is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Nineteen Day Drawing Challenge: Isolation Creation which begins on Wednesday 1st April 2020. 

We’re inviting the whole Island to step away from their screens for a few minutes a day to create a daily sketch relating to nineteen topical themes designed around the current circumstances we collectively find ourselves in. 

We have commissioned local mixed media artist Will Bertram to create a series of themes and daily artworks to keep us inspired throughout the nineteen-day challenge. The topics cover themes such as ‘Self Isolation Portrait’, ‘Nearby Nature’, ‘Pandemic Pets’, and ‘Kill It With Kindness’. The themes have been selected to give islanders the opportunity to quietly consider aspects of our new temporary way of life and respond with shared creativity, and if so inclined, fun. 

How will it work? 

The Nineteen Day Drawing Challenge begins on Wednesday 1st April 2020. ArtHouse Jersey will post a prompt for each day’s theme at 8 am for the duration of the 19 days via our Instagram & Facebook channels, with the aim of inspiring islanders of all ages to pick up their drawing utensils and set to work. 

Once your daily sketches are complete, simply upload it them to social media by the end of the day (ensuring the post is made public) using the hashtags #19daydrawingchallenge #isolationcreationjersey @arthousejersey @billwertram 

ArtHouse Jersey is asking as many people as possible to tell their family, friends and colleagues about the challenge. They can do this by sharing their artwork online and tagging their friends. 

Tom Dingle, Director of ArtHouse Jersey said: “The Nineteen Day Drawing Challenge is most emphatically not about being the best drawer. If you’re terrible at drawing – great! – this is for you. Our aim is to get as many members of our community all drawing together, creating a sense of unity and social cohesion during this challenging time.” 

ArtHouse Jersey will celebrate the Island’s shared creativity, sharing some of the best, most unique or most entertaining amongst drawings created.

A full list of the themes for the 19 days can be found here 

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